my hiring processLet me guess... you've got a remote team of contractors or salaried employees working for you, but you're not quite happy...  You're not sure if employee A is working when he says he is, and you're getting frustrated because contractor B continually turns out sub-par work.

The thing is that your team needs to be an ongoing and constantly improving process.  It's not a one and done deal.  It's your job as the leader of your organization to always be improving your team.

You do this by pitting the employees against each other.  You're constantly trying to improve your team, and this is a good thing.  It's like draft day is every day.

Your team is what's really going to make or break your business in the end.  Yes, of course it's your vision, but you can't stand still.  You've got to have multiple people that can do the work at hand.

And the awesome thing about building a business in this age, is that you don't need to hire one person full time.  Even the smallest company can have six graphic designers and four programmers.  They're out there - go find them.

So here's the process I go through on at least a weekly or monthly basis across all functions in the business.  I'm always looking for someone with a better personality, someone with better skills or more drive.